Shiu Fung Hong (SFH) was established in 1909 by Mr. Fung Ping Shan from Xinhui, Guangdong. Mr. Fung traveled and traded extensively in China before settling in Hong Kong at the beginning of the twentieth century. At first, the firm's revenue was largely derived from trading in Chinese herbal medicine. As it grew increasingly difficult to trade in China during the long period of Japanese occupation and civil war, after 1949, SFH gradually evolved its business format from its traditional roots of trading in valuable medicinal herbs to other dried foodstuff.

During the 1960s, SFH successfully transformed its core business into the importation and wholesale of Japanese dried seafood. Some of our world famous and bestselling dried products from Japan include premium grade abalone (Ami, Oma, Yoshihama), Hokkaido scallop, Kanto and Kansai sea cucumber, oysters from southern Hiroshima, anchovy, shiitake mushroom.

Furthermore, SFH is the exclusive authorized dealer of some of the world's best and most renowned Yoshihama abalone brands such as "Crown", "Ping Shan", and "Goyo".

In addition, SFH remains a vital member of a cooperative along with seven other major importer firms in Hong Kong, known within the Nam Pak Hong trade, as G8. G8's major duties are to initiate, assemble, oversee, and synchronize direct operations and shipments of dried sea scallop directly from Hokkaido, Japan. Together, G8 imports between 80% and 90% of all finished products to Hong Kong produced by members of the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Association. As an anchor and senior member of the cooperative, our company’s annual operational transaction volume typically ranges between 300,000 and 360,000 kg. Moreover, SFH’s extensive product selection and availability benchmarks the G8 group, as well as acting as the industry standard. Such trade volume provides economies of scale for SFH and secures our competitiveness by offering superior products at affordable prices.

SFH continues lasting, excellent, and solid business relationships with numerous leading Japanese manufacturers and exporters, many of these exceeding 50 years. Every product by SFH is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and sustainability.